An experienced and respected member of the long‑range cargo air transportation industry, Sanya Air Cargo is the air freight company that can help you ship just about any type of cargo you may need to ship. Whether it’s across a country or across an ocean, Sanya Air Cargo is your global cargo shipping provider of choice.

We can also accommodate perishable cargo like meat, seafood, produce, and flowers thanks to our special handling procedures and temperature-controlled freezers and cool rooms. Transporting your perishable cargo under strict temperature controls will ensure that the cargo arrives at its destination in the best condition possible and with as little waste as possible.

Providing cargo shipping support to a variety of destinations in Europe, West Africa, USA, Nigeria, and Belgium, Sanya Air Cargo is a professional air freight company that truly understands global cargo shipping. Whether you’re a first time shipper looking for the fairest shipping price, or a veteran shipper who expects only the highest of standards from a cargo company, choose Sanya Air Cargo for your global cargo shipping needs.  To help your shipping experience go smoothly from beginning to end, our professional sales team will work closely with each and every client to ensure that all of your cargo shipping needs are met. With the help of a network of experienced freight forwarders, we are absolutely committed to safety and reliability and strive to provide the best customer service that you will find in the global cargo shipping industry.

Your cargo is simply too valuable and too important to trust with just any cargo company. To the men and women of Sanya Air Cargo, you’re more than just another contract,  you’re a partner in business. When you have questions or require immediate customer service assistance, one of our experienced and well trained customer service representatives will immediately get to work to answer your question or provide the type of assistance that you need to alleviate your concerns.

With years of experience in the field of air cargo, Sanya Air Cargo has worked with commercial shippers of all sizes who have wanted to outsource their cargo shipping requirements in order to maintain financial flexibility and work more cost effectively. By outsourcing to a cargo company like Sanya Air Cargo, commercial shippers can adjust their shipping demands based on fluctuating need, therefore avoiding the need for high initial investments

The next time you’re in need of a professional cargo services with specific experience shipping to and from Europe, West Africa, USA, Nigeria,  and Belgium, look no further than Sanya Air Cargo. We are a company that is easy to work with and we offer a service that is cost effective ‑ contact us today!