Focused on serving the needs of the busy and emerging USA to Africa shipping route, Sanya Air Cargo is a leader in global cargo shipping and a professional air freight company with plenty of experience helping clients like you navigate all of their global cargo shipping needs. From our head office located in the Atlanta International Airport, Sanya Air Cargo is working hard to exceed customer expectations on all fronts ‑ from our shipping rates to our commitment to customer service.

With years of experience as an air freight company, Sanya Air Cargo has fostered industry relationships that have helped it become the cargo company of choice for a long list of satisfied customers. Our strategic partnerships with international airlines and freight forwarders allow us to pass along to you ‑ our potential and valued customers ‑ some of the best shipping rates that you will find. Over land and across oceans, Sanya Air Cargo is an air freight company that you can count on to efficiently and cost effectively deliver your cargo.

No matter what type of cargo you need shipped, Sanya Air Cargo will work with you directly to help you find the best and most affordable shipper for the job. When your cargo requires adherence to prescribed shipping and handling instructions, our experienced and professional team of customer service representatives will help you find the best shipper for the job. For example, if you have to ship perishable items like food, produce, or flowers, we can connect you with a shipper who is fully equipped with temperature controlled shipping options and cold rooms to ensure that your perishable cargo arrives in good condition.

Full time commercial cargo shippers who only expect the highest of standards from an air freight company have chosen Sanya Air Cargo as their global cargo shipping provider of choice because they know how much we value safety, reliability, and customer service. Plus, Sanya Air Cargo has proven time and time again that it is the most cost effective option for many commercial cargo shippers because outsourcing cargo shipping to a business like Sanya Air Cargo is much more affordable than investing in the same type of cargo shipping infrastructure that we can offer.

The next time you need a professional air freight company that you can depend on, remember Sanya Air Cargo as your air freight company of choice for all your global cargo shipping needs.