Since 2000, Sanya Air Cargo has been providing premium services to shippers and consignees around the world. From its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia the company provides its customers with a link to a transportation network throughout Western Europe, Africa and the World.

Press Briefing

Sanya Air Cargo Inc. is a Georgia State registered Corporation with its head office based at the Atlanta Airport

Sanya Air Cargo is a global provider of local and long-range cargo air transportation services to destinations in Europe and Africa through our major international airlines and freight forwarder partners. Our mission is to provide customized air transportation through our innovative partners committed to delivering the highest levels of safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Most commercial shippers have determined that outsourcing their cargo requirements will allows them to be cost-effective, while offering significant operational and financial flexibility. This option provides these shippers an opportunity to adjust for fluctuating demand without capital investment. Sanya Air Cargo Sales professionals will work closely with you to assure your freight needs are met, whether a single flight or a longer-term program.

Sanya Air Cargo and Our Communities

Sanya Air Cargo is committed to promote the economic development and well being of the communities served by the company, by providing the citizen and the enterprises with quality and safe air transportation services in ways and scope consistent with high professional and ethical standard, a fair and adequate return to the company’s shareholders and fair treatment for the company employees.



Our mission is to provide customized air cargo transportation through our innovative partners committed to delivering the highest level of safety, reliability and customer satisfaction


To be the competitive cargo airline that best understand and serve the needs of shippers to Africa.